HERMAN GRIFFIN is an ordained minister, licensed attorney, and life-long advocate for the powerless, lost, and voiceless.  He is committed to encouraging society to seek long-term positive changes, fighting for the rights of people, and serving the most vulnerable members of our communities.  

Herman was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  Herman graduated from Cass Technical High School of Detroit, Michigan.  He received his bachelor's in English from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2003.  At U of M, Herman joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Epsilon Chapter. 


In 2007, Herman received his Master's in Divinity Degree from Howard University School of Divinity.  While at HUSD, Herman was the graduate student of the year for two consecutive years.  He also served as the Student Government President and Senior Class President. Herman was licensed and ordained as a minister by the New Testament Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan. ​

In 2008, Herman accepted a fellowship with the Center for Community Change in Washington, D.C.  The C.C.C. trained Herman in alternative dispute resolution techniques and community organizing. 

In 2012, Herman received his law degree from Western Michigan Cooley Law School (WMCLS).  While in Law school, Herman served in the Family Law Assistance Project (FLAP), which provided free family law assistance to victims of domestic violence.  As a licensed Michigan attorney, Herman has helped countless individuals who could not afford the assistance of an attorney throughout Michigan.  In addition, from 2020 - 2022, Herman served as defense counsel for the city of Detroit's Mental Health Speciality Court. 

Herman is finishing his doctoral studies at Boston University in Boston, MA., with an expected graduation date of May 2024.  Herman continues to serve others and promote his devotion to improving the human condition.  Herman currently leads Griffin Global Missions, a Christian-based faith community focused on equipping and empowering people with inspirational resources and community service projects.  In addition, Herman manages Griffin Law PLLC, a law firm with a client-centered approach.  Griffin Law PLLC's practice areas include criminal defense, real estate matters, wills, trusts, and civil litigation. 


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